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Writing Samples

A series of documents that I have worked on solo and in a team setting for various art forms and in several different styles.


Feature-Length Script

A Tech Guru, a Stock Operations Analyst, and a Private Investigator get tangled up in a mutual connection's web of lies and deceit.

The Straw, The Coal, and the Bean

Adaptation for Stage Play

A personal spin on a Brothers Grimm classic meant for the stage-performance medium.

The Night Out Distribution Plan

Written Distribution Plan submitted for review by Michigan State University's School of Communication Arts and Sciences

A detailed document made by three classmates and I on how a proposed project was to be distributed for festival showings and theatrical runs.  This plan was accepted by MSU's SCAS and chosen to move forward.

The ShoW - Episode 103

Sitcom Script

Script written for The ShoW, a show in the MSU Telecasters organization.  In addition to writing for The ShoW, I am also the Head Editor, an Associate Producer, and a Studio Camera Operator.

Narratives in Video Games

Technological Case Study

Case Study written by a team of three students (me included) to present to the MSU's School of Communication Arts and Sciences Gaming Lab.  This case study was reviewed in preparation for the design of a narrative-centric video game designed by MSU Students.

Culinary Services (assorted)

News Articles/Press Releases

A series of articles I had written for, the official website for MSU Culinary Services.

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